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Tania Flack BHSc CNFM RM MNHAA, Lynda Griparic Ad.Dip (Nat) MNHAA


Photo of Tania Flack

Tania Flack BHSc CNFM RM MNHAA is a leading naturopath and nutritionist, with a special interest in hormonal and reproductive health; she has a deep passion for women’s health and believes that an integrated approach to healthcare, including the use of evidence based natural medicine, is the best approach for optimal wellness.

Based for many years in Melbourne’s Collins Street and now located in Sydney, Tania has spent many years specialising in women health and fertility and has completed further studies in natural fertility and preconception health care.

She is a graduate of the Australian College of Natural Medicine, and holds a Bachelor of Health Science, an Advanced Diploma of Heath Science in Naturopathy, Diploma of Herbal Medicine, a Diploma of Nutrition and additional qualifications in natural fertility management. Tania’s warm, realistic approach mixed with a strong emphasis on education and patient responsibility helps to inspire patients to be proactive about their health and make long term changes in their diet and lifestyle that will serve them in the years to come.

Using an evidence based approach to natural medicine, Tania uses a variety of comprehensive screening and functional pathology tests to scientifically assess your health, formulate the most effective treatment plan and monitor your progress, to ensure you get the best results. Tania is passionate about educating and empowering people to achieve and maintain optimal health and is committed to providing the highest quality health care.

More info on her treatments here: taniaflack.com. Edge Wellness is fortunate to have the services of such a skilled and competent practitioner. 

Photo of Lynda Griparic

Lynda Griparic Ad.Dip (Nat) MNHAA is a fully qualified Naturopath and Nutritionist with over 13 years of experience in the health industry. Through her combined years of experience in clinical practice, and managing a large team at one of Australia’s leading nutritional and educational companies, she offers clients advice that is both practical and knowledgeable.

Her special interest in nutritional medicine and her passionate advocacy for clean eating allows Lynda to do what she loves the most, help people discover a healthier way to prepare and enjoy food. Her daily yoga practice, developed when she qualified as a yoga instructor, allows her to stay centred and meet challenges head on, and bring those learning’s into practice for the benefit of her clients.

Lynda also specialises in detoxification and weight loss. She has extensive experience in running healthy, effective and sustainable weight loss programs and has expertise in investigating and treating the underlying causes of weight gain and metabolic problems. With a love of empowering and inspiring people to reach their full potential, Lynda takes her clients on a guided self-transformational journey into health and happiness.

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