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General Practitioners

General Practitioners

Photo of Dr Lyn Tendek

Dr Lyn Tendek is an experienced Medical Practitioner who graduated with Honours from the University of New South Wales. She also holds a Diploma of Obstetrics. Lyn is committed to helping her patients achieve wellness. She integrates both traditional and holistic medical practice to assess each patient’s needs, developing specific plans that may include lifestyle recommendations, nutritional supplements and bio- identical hormones. Her areas of expertise include women’s and hormonal health, thyroid disease, adrenal dysfunction, chronic fatigue, weight management, anxiety and depression, and digestive disorders.

Photo of Dr Peter Dobie

Dr Peter Dobie, M.B.,B.S. studied medicine at the University of Tasmania. He is one of the most experienced doctors in Australia in the field of integrative medicine.

Dr Dobie also specialises in nutritional medicine, anti-ageing medicine, the treatment of chronic fatigue, the treatment of adrenal fatigue, thyroid disorders, bio-identical hormone therapy, intravenous vitamin therapy, allergy testing and treatment, chelation therapy, and the treatment of Lyme disease.

For three years Dr Dobie was co-director of an allergy clinic in a Sydney private hospital. He also worked for several years in a hospital emergency department and is skilled in emergency medicine.

Dr Dobie’s emphasis is very much on the promotion of wellness. He takes a thorough and holistic approach to treating chronic health problems, as well as providing preventive medical care. He incorporates into his practice the latest advances in biochemistry, endocrinology and clinical nutrition, and prefers to prescribe non-drug treatments wherever possible.

Photo of Dr Mona Singh

Dr Mona Singh is an Integrative General Practitioner who is very passionate about providing holistic and exceptional care to all her patients.

After completing her MBBS degree, she gained experience in several hospital based specialities in the UK. She then decided to pursue a career in General Practice and received her MRCGP, UK. She moved to Sydney in 2013 and is now recognised as a Fellow of the Royal Australian College of General Practice (FRACGP) and is affiliated to A4M (The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine).

Frustrated with a 10 minute consultation model, a ‘telescopic symptoms approach’ and an inability of her traditional medical training to provide answers and treatment options for some of the most common patient complaints, she started researching other avenues. After being introduced to the world of Anti-Ageing and Regenerative Medicine by a colleague, she felt it all come together. Integrative medicine is evidence based and this has led her to comfortably incorporate this approach to her traditional medical one. She believes that optimising health is not always about taking a prescription pill but can be helped by making small, gradual lifestyle changes and utilising everyday available natural resources.

Dr Singh’s main interests lie in managing women’s health, thyroid, adrenal and other hormonal imbalances.